Terms and Conditions for Customer


  1. Introduction


The general conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") is between you the customer (hereinafter "Customer" and / or "You") when ordering the food and / or beverages by downloadable mobile application Eaesy  (hereinafter referred to as "Service") owned by Eaesy AB, reg. No. 559196-8382, Ekuddsvägen 23, Nacka (hereinafter "Eaesy", "We" and / or "Us", and / or "Our").


When you order goods and Services from our mobile app, you agree to the Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these Terms of Service, please do not use the Service.


If you have questions about the conditions you are welcome to contact our customer Service.


  1. Our Service


Eaesy AB provide the Service to enable merchants providing order and payment Service to customers via Eaesy mobile app (the ' Service '). The term “merchants” refers to merchants, but it may also refer to other food providers operating e.g. in the grocery, cafe or bakery sector.


You as a customer understand and confirm that we ourselves are not offering any food Services and that any such Services that may be offered through the App or the Website are supplied by the merchant. By using the Service at your chosen merchant, you therefore enter into a direct agreement with this merchant. Eaesy is not a party to this agreement.


Everyone using our Service is, in these Terms of Service, referred to as “Users or you”, a definition which also includes you as a party to this contract that you have entered into by accepting these Terms of Service.


  1. Products in the app


Eaesy is striving for supporting merchants offering the best Service of ordering and payment to customers via our app, therefore have a strong interest in taking part of the customer experience. Every single merchant, however, has ultimate responsibility for the quality of its products offered via our app. If the customer has complaints about individual products, the customer shall primarily take this up with the individual merchant.


All contents of the products are put up by each merchant directly (photo, name, description, ingredients, price, etc.). Therefore, every single merchant is fully responsible for ensuring information provided to the customers to be accurate.


  1. Payment


All orders via Eaesy is binding.


All prices on Eaesy are inclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated. The VAT on food is 12% on delivery and the distribution and otherwise VAT 25%.


As a customer, You pay via Swish or credit card when you place an order through the app. We charge a commission fee on every transaction made through the Service, which is included in the total price shown in the app. No additional fee is charged from the consumers for using the Service.


  1. Return Policy


Sales of food through Eaesy is not subject to withdrawal under Distance Contracts (Act (2005: 59) on distance contracts and off premises). You can read more about withdrawal and the goods and Services that are exempted from the right of withdrawal, the Consumer Agency's website .


  1. Your obligations as a customer


By accepting the terms you certify that you are 18 years and that no other impediments to your acceptance of these Terms. The approval means that you agree to follow the terms and conditions for use of the Service.

You, the customer is not entitled to use Eaesy or Eaesy trademarks or trade beyond what is required for use of the Service.


  1. Changes in Terms


We have the right to make changes and updates to these Terms of Service. We will inform you of any such changes at the latest thirty (30) days before an adjustment enters into force. We will give you such information by clear notice in the app, or by email if you provided an email address. You have the right to terminate your user account and remove your content from the Service at any time and without prior notice.

We have the right to suspend your access to the Service with immediate effect if we have reason to believe that you are violating these Terms of Service. Furthermore, we reserve the right to modify, discontinue, temporarily or permanently cease providing the Service at any time without prior notice, on our own discretion, or if required by law or by a decision by an authority. You accept that we shall not be liable to you or to any third party for such modification, suspension or discontinuance.


  1. Miscellaneous
  • Eaesy reserves the right to assign its rights and obligations under these Terms to a third party, provided that the acquiring company / person reasonably be expected to fulfill its obligations under the terms of an order Customer satisfaction
  • You are required to replace Eaesy for all direct and indirect damage which caused Eaesy on account of violation of conditions.

Except as otherwise clear from the terms apply, unless otherwise provided by mandatory law, the following relation Eaesy's liability to you as a customer:

  • Except as described in the Terms leave Eaesy no warranty as to content, information, raw materials, ingredients, Services or otherwise provided by or through Eaesy via the website or app, Eaesy provide no guarantees regarding the Site and / or the app's functionality, availability, usability.
  • Eaesy not responsible for unauthorized access to or alteration of information that you submit to Eaesy or material or information that you receive. Furthermore, Eaesy not responsible for criminal acts committed using Eaesy's Services such as threats or defamatory, or obscene or disruptive, offensive, inappropriate or illegal content or conduct of any user's page.
  • Eaesy not responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by the use of information from Eaesy.
  • This does not apply if Eaesy caused you harm intentionally or through gross negligence.
  • Eaesy reserves the right to suspend or cancel a delivery of one or more meals a customer has indicated a lack of or incorrect information when registering or force majeure similar events such as natural disasters, war, political unrest, strikes, lockouts, blockades or other contractual barriers , fire, accident or other circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Eaesy, or other circumstances which substantially impedes or impairs the conditions for the supply to be fulfilled. Eaesy undertake as soon as possible, notify the Customer of a delivery may be late or if delivery is likely to be missing altogether. Obviously not charge Eaesy for loss Meal

if the reason for the lack of food depends on Eaesy.


  1. Dispute resolution

If a dispute exists between SinceUs and the Customer, the Parties shall give priority to solving the dispute by agreement. If the parties can not agree, the dispute may be settled by the courts in Sweden.


Stockholm, July 1st , 2019.

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